Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BABY SEX (1971)

Baby Sex is the title of an unreleased recording by The Residents. The title is lifted from the cover, an image of a woman performing oral sex on an infant boy - an image which was lifted from a pornographic magazine from Denmark. While The Residents are known to be incredibly embarrassed by their early works (and strive to keep them unreleased in their original form) they may be reasonably proud of Baby Sex, as several tracks from this have appeared on compilations. It was also broadcast in its entirety on a radio station in Oregon during a Residents Radio Festival in 1977. The second half of the album is a studio collage which includes portions of The Residents' impromptu live performance at San Francisco's Boarding House in October 1971. Assisted by Snakefinger and N. Senada they staged a "terrorist attack" on the club, performing for thirty minutes. The album also features a cover of Frank Zappa's "King Kong".



  1. Hi, the the mp3 file for "06 Cantaten To Der Dyin Prunen" was corrupted after unzipping. is there any way you could re-upload that one song? thanks in advance.

  2. Thanks a Loooot!
    I heard some excerpts from this once and
    thought it was light years ahead of he Warner Bros album.Still not "real" music (and so much the better for it), but Highly listenable.
    Hoping that I get no trouble with "Cantata", as above.Cheers!