Sunday, May 16, 2010


The story centers around an eccentric character, the bunny boy, whose search for his missing brother compels him to post videos on the internet as a "cry for help." As the story evolves, it opens up to interaction between the bunny boy and his audience, causing the narrative to twist and turn in odd and unpredictable ways. Spanning a gap between insanity and self realization, the loony, but affable bunny boy soon finds himself pursuing a goal no less vital than saving the world from Armageddon. It's a wild ride. The stage design, by Chris McGregor (CUBE E, Wormwood, Icky Flix) featured a unique "schizophrenic" layout that allowed performers to move between musical, video, and theatric realms. Barraging the audience with imagery and sound, in typical Residents' style the performance radiates and savors the quality of a surreal circus. The group performed their music live while integrating other visual and performance elements into an evening of riveting and unique entertainment. Captured here is a live performance that took place at the Lakeshore Theater in Chicago on October 17th 2008.

Set 1

Set 2


  1. A bit silly to leave this comment now but this is the best recording of the bunny boy live show I have found, each time i listen to it I hanker for a full quality release even more.