Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Matt Howarth’s Post Brothers focused on a pair of psychotic assassins with the ability to shift between realities. Russ Post was more the enabler and dealmaker of the team – Ron Post was a wackjob that Lobo would be afraid of. Based in Bugtown a crazy cyberpunk city of no fixed abode that could give Cynosure a run for its money in the sport of Just Plain Crazy, they formed the core of an amazing sci-fi universe that spread across several titles over their publishing life. At around the same time he started Post Bros, Matt had done a series of minicomics for Ralph Records starring the characters from The Residents’ current Magnum Opus, The Mole Trilogy. So when Bugtown started to take shape, The Residents followed. But not just in a cameo; they were wholly integrated characters in the books. The Residents were quasi-mystical beings who helped keep Bugtown running properly. They used empty hats as portals to enter rooms. They made a series that was already edgy and experimental and truly out of this world.

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