Sunday, July 4, 2010


Assorted Secrets, in a shorter form than what is poted here, first appeared as a cassette only release in 1984. This was the period where The Residents were rather short on funds after the artistic success/financial disaster of the Mole Show and the archives were raided for anything that could fill the Cryptic coffers. What you hear here is the band trying to work out how to transfer their often complex, studio based works into an acceptable live format. Some of it sounds a little flat, some of it is absolutely fascinating. Festival Of Death is of particular interest, an attempt to play a large section of the Eskimo album almost note for note. It's quite astounding and a glimpse of what a live Eskimo might have been like before the Moles got all the action. Mark Of The Mole gets a good look in here, with the entire album being performed live in front of a small invited audience. The Residents purport to hate this one, while over the years fans have begged for its release. Are our heroes ashamed of the (technically) terrible playing on Smack Your Lips? Is it the various bumps, coughs and pieces of paper being rattled heard throughout these recordings that makes them cringe? Is it the complete drop out of sound at 1:41 on Call Of The wild that embarrasses them? Do we care about such minor blemishes? Of course not! The fans love it all the same and this is well worth a listen.

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