Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Fingerprince was conceived as the world’s first three sided album. The Residents never specified whether it would be a double record with one side blank, or a single album with two concentric grooves on one side. They probably toyed with the idea of making it triangular! However they’d planned to do it, Ralph Records decided the albums would be uneconomical to manufacture, so Fingerprince became a conventional two-sided LP. The leftover songs were relegated to a proposed EP, Babyfingers. Due to considerable artistic distractions (the most notable being Eskimo), Babyfingers was not released in the actual EP format until 1979, but four of its five songs had appeared on The Residents Radio Special cassette in 1977. The songs whose importance would become apparent soon were “You, Yesyesyes,” “Tourniquet of Roses” and the songs jettisoned to Babyfingers, which point the way towards the wacky, sinister pop of Duck Stab, Subterranean Modern, etc. Fingerprince provided the blueprints for their future original compositions and although it may not be a great album, historically it is an important album for The Residents.

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