Monday, August 16, 2010


Satisfaction is a cover of the famous song by the Rolling Stones, recorded as a three-minute distillation of the ideas behind The Third Reich 'N' Roll. It features Snakefinger on guitar and backing vocals by The Pointless Sisters. The Wire magazine had this to say about Satisfaction in their September, 1998, article "100 Records That Set The World On Fire (While No One Was Listening)": "If there was one record that told you the 60s were over, then this was it. The Clash may have crowed, "no Rolling Stones in 1977", but their rethoric was just gasbag posturing compared to this, a blowtorch evisceration of Jagger and Richard's song that reduces their original to a piece of marketable rebellion fluff (Wham!'s "Bad Boys" with a better riff). The Residents start from the premise that there are rather more serious things to be unsatisfied about than romance or advertising things like total mental breakdown, a condition they proceed to delineate with unbearably off-key guitars and a vocal that sounds like the most haunted, driven, raging man alive. It's excruciating, purifying and hilarious, and if inflicted on friends it usually receives two of the highest possible accolades: "Take that fucking thing off", and "They weren't being serious, were they?"

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